Jan 242015

judicial_vert_blackABA Judicial Division Vice-Chair Position Nomination

The American Bar Association’s (ABA), National Conference Administrative Law Judges (NCALJ) has nominated past chair of the Illinois Association of Administrative Law Judges and past chair of NCALJ, Judge Ann Breen-Greco for the coveted Vice Chair of the Division for the year 2015-16.  The Judicial Division Vice-Chair position is due to rotate to NCALJ for the 2015-2016 association years.  Pursuant to the policy and bylaws of NCALJ, the Judge Ann Breen-Greco was one of four extremely qualified candidates presented to the Nominating Committee of the Judicial Division for its consideration. The Hon. Mary-Margaret AndersonHon. Judith Boggs, and Hon. Julian Mann, III were also under consideration.  The election for the Vice Chair position will take place at the ABA’s Annual Meeting this August in Chicago.  The Vice Chair automatically becomes Chair Elect and then Chair of the Conference.